Wildau Foundation Year – program in details

Wildau Foundation program overview

Wildau Foundation Year (WFY) is an intensive one-year integration and study preparation program designed to prepare international students for a degree subject of their choice at a German university, introduced at Technical University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) Wildau. It facilitates smooth entry into the German academic world through preparatory studies in language, special subjects, culture and academic methodology. 

The program is designed for students who are

  • looking to succeed in their studies and to apply to a degree program at a university of applied sciences outside their home country, in Germany
  • are willing to undergo an intensive course in order to start university bachelor program within a year
  • want to learn german language and study skills to succed at university and at their future employment

Wildau Foundation Year offers students a variety of opportunities for academic and cultural exchange through interaction with German and international students on and off campus.

The curricula have been tailored to provide skills and experience needed for success at university. Successful school graduation is the required standard for the foundation program.

Choice of two subject tracks

Whether you are looking for a career 

  • in the engineering area or
  • in business economics

WFY provides you with a tailored foundation program to your field of study interest.

WFY foundation program is designed to offer a wide range of skills in a short space of time.

The intensive nature of study makes it perfect for anyone who wants to boost their skills and gain admittance to a leading German university of applied sciences.

We want our students to be able to reach their academic and career goals, no matter what these are and we offer the right foundation program suiting a wide range of areas.

WFY key features

  • Perfect organization: academically sound and professionally organized foundation program tailored for admission requirements of the German universities 
  • Individual assistance: support and supervision during application, registration and learning process 
  • Full integration: smooth and successful academic and social integration of international students 
  • Attractive prospects: guaranteed admission to a bachelor degree program in Germany (upon successful completion of WFY)
  • Outstanding environment: dynamic and modern educational complex of Wildau University with rich academic traditions and latest technological innovations
  • Comfortable accommodation: managed and secured students’ hostels in close distance from the university campus or in Berlin
  • Fine catering: diversity of enjoyable and affordable meals in the university cafeteria
  • Active student life: access to the variety of sports facilities and recreation activities
  • Tranquil location: the campus is in the picturesque area, just on the outskirts of Berlin
  • Excellent transport connections: 30 minutes by S-Bahn from university station to the downtown Berlin

General admission requirements

Successful graduation from high school; independent usage of English and basic knowledge of German language; submitted application form; interview; in some countries entrance examination.

Admission requirements may differ for applicants from different countries and regions mainly because of diversity of educational systems. Please specify the details with WFY office or authorized representative in your country.


Applications are accepted all year round; however, the first trimester always starts in September. Please submit application form before 1st of June.