Wildau Foundation Year (WFY) – an overview

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Wildau Foundation Year – Wildau for You is a one-year integration program for international students, introduced at Technical University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) Wildau, which facilitates smooth entry into the German academic world through preparatory studies in language, culture and academic methodology. High-school graduates are strongly recommended to enroll in this program to acquire the necessary language proficiencies and ease their way to the degree programs.

The core element of Wildau Foundation Year (WFY) program is integration. This one year program offers students, who pursue different degrees, a variety of opportunities for academic and cultural exchange through interaction with German and international students on and off campus. Everyone enrolled in the program can benefit from this unique experience. It is a great offer, come and see what Wildau offers For You.

Key features of WFY:
  • Perfect organization: academically sound and professionally organized foundation program tailored for admission requirements of the German universities
  • Individual assistance: support and supervision during application, registration and learning process
  • Full integration: smooth and successful academic and social integration of international students
  • Attractive prospects: guaranteed admission to a bachelor degree program in Germany (upon successful completion of WFY)
  • Outstanding environment: dynamic and modern educational complex of TUAS Wildau with rich academic traditions and latest technological innovations
  • Comfortable accommodation: managed and secured students’ hostels in close distance from the university campus
  • Fine catering: diversity of enjoyable and affordable meals in the university cafeteria
  • Active students’ life: access to the variety of sports facilities and recreation activities
  • Tranquil location: the campus is in the picturesque area, just on the outskirts of Berlin
  • Excellent transport connections: 30 minutes by S-Bahn from university station to the downtown Berlin
Berlin-Brandenburg – the capital metropolitan area with excellent infrastructure

The metro area Berlin-Brandenburg is at the cross-roads of Western-, Central- and Northern Europe. It is a region full of diversity, vitality and potential. It is an international, multicultural, multilingual hub: today people from nearly 200 nations live in the metro area - many came to study, work, live, to make their dreams come true. The universities, colleges, research institutes attract the brightest from around the world. It is particularly this area that benefited the most from the talents, ideas, thoughts of visitors and immigrants. The fresh ideas found welcoming and fertile soil in the region and spawned an atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance and open-mindedness. The newcomers and indigenous Berliners live together peacefully in a welcoming cosmopolitan environment.

Berlin-Brandenburg is the capital region of Germany, the seat of the federal president, government, parliament and several institutions. The region is also an economic center with bright development perspectives, and employment opportunities. It is also a scientific-knowledge focal point: nowhere else in Europe are as many institutions of higher education, science and research concentrated as in this metro area. The region boasts with a number of companies and enterprises that base their business development on scientific research.

International community in Berlin-Brandenburg


Today, thousands of people from all over the world including South Asia live in the Berlin metropolitan area. Some have settled permanently in Germany and started a family. Others have come to study for a few years and plan to work in Germany for a while after they graduate to improve their career prospects when they return to their home-country. Their goal is to gain experience in Germany which they can then put to use later in their home country.

Embassies of all Asian Nations are in downtown Berlin, approx. 30 minutes by express commuter train from Wildau. Many of the embassies run cultural programs, have cultural and academic attachés, organize cultural events in Berlin and serve as the major cultural link between the home country and Germany. Besides there are various cultural events for the international community in Berlin and for Germans all year round, for example the Carnival of Cultures, an international festival where the nations living in Berlin present their culture.

The numerous Asian supermarkets and deli stores carry various merchandise and products directly imported from Asian home countries. You will not miss home flavors in Berlin!

Technical Universities of Applied Sciences (TUAS)

Degree programs at German universities of applied science are very practice-oriented. On many programs students perform their projects in real companies in order to develop practice-relevant skills and use them at work.

TUAS degree programs are fixed in length. (Bachelor program - 6 semesters, Master program - three or four semesters). And the number of places available on the program is also fixed. It means that lecture halls and seminars are not overcrowded at these universities.

Typical features of TUAS:

  • education in small groups,
  • well-structured programs with clear timeframe,
  • practice relevant topics,
  • high percentage of lecturers provided by industry experts,
  • intensive student support,
  • compulsory internships (on some programs - semester abroad),
  • modern technological environment: equipment, infrastructure, laboratories.
TH Wildau facts

Universities of applied sciences in Germany are institutions of higher education that focus on practice-relevant content. TH Wildau is a modern, aspiring practice-oriented technical university of applied sciences with tradition and global outreach (NB: TH translates as technical university of applied sciences). Located on the south-east outskirts of the major European economic and cultural hub Berlin, our dynamic campus with cutting edge infrastructure advances intellectual achievements and cultivates a thrilling student life.

Academic excellence, research based education, high-tech facilities, accessible, dedicated professors, friendly administrative staff and personal attention make studying at TH Wildau attractive and rewarding.

TH Wildau continuously develops international cooperation by pursuing inter-institutional partnerships, introducing its academic programs and individual degree courses at universities abroad and by constantly increasing the number of international students.

TH Wildau has been collaborating with international universities for a long time. Beyond academic cooperation, student and faculty exchange are the core elements of the global approach TH Wildau champions.

Higher Education in Germany

In recent years Germany has established itself as an important hub of international education - while still enjoying the worldwide reputation of being a country with massive high-tech industry. Come and make the best of these new achievements: study in Germany and build a successful career!

Through the rigorous academic programs German universities equip graduates with skills and expertise that are indispensable in the global labor market of the 21 century, where flexibility, adaptation and development potentials are among the most appreciated competencies.

Graduates of these institutions are braced for outstanding professional performance and thus are in a propitious position on the very competitive job market.

Wildau Foundation Year – Wildau For You

WFY is an integrative, modularized academic program, which prepares international students for their studies at German universities.

There are two key points in the program to facilitate the integration of international students

  • Academic Integration prepares for a successful start into their studies in Germany, and is defined by preparatory studies in language, culture and academic methods.
  • Social Integration includes joint activities of international and German students and supports international students in their accommodation to a new environment.

The program offers training and support in:

  • The acquisition of technical and colloquial German with emphasis on the terminology of technology, business and information technologies. Language instruction focuses on the terminology of the bachelor courses following the final exam of WFY.
  • The ability to organize studies independently
  • Methodology in academic reading and writing
  • Presentation Skills/Techniques
Academic calendar of WFY

Studies at WFY start in mid-September and are divided into trimesters. Each trimester lasts 14 weeks. After each trimester interim examinations are scheduled. These are followed by two weeks of academic holidays. The last trimester concludes with an admission test to the field of Bachelor studies of your choice. In  application for WFY applicants may indicate their subjects of interest, without making a final commitment.

  • Trimester 1: from mid-September to mid-December
  • Trimester 2: from early of January to the beginning of April
  • Trimester 3: from mid-April to the end of July
Academic program WFY
Completion of the WFY

After a successful graduation from the Wildau Foundation Year program graduates will receive a certificate and will be admitted to TH Wildau or one of the cooperating universities to pursue a Bachelor degree in the respective selected field of study.

Career Services

Find your trail. Start the journey today. TH Wildau and partner institutions help students achieve lifelong success through career services, global experiences, and connections with graduate schools and employers. Find expert advice, data, tools, and events to ensure your success.

TH Wildau and partner universities offer bachelor and graduate courses that determined by both student interest and job market demand. Our universities offer internships at top-level German enterprises, companies. We help you explore your options and assist you in developing a career plan that you can pursue. TH Wildau helps its graduates to establish contacts, make appointments at the best companies in Germany and write applications.